107933 300 Mini Roto S/S Wave

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    300 Mini Roto Stainless steel Wave 3 3/8"

    This Maax spas jet is the new and improved Mini Roto jet 3-3/8".Ideal for diversifying your spa experience for better and more relaxing hydrotherapy.The Mini Roto is a jet internal measuring 3-3/8" across its face with a length of approximately 3 5/8".Its designed nozzle is great for providing a rotational stream of water in which ever direction for improved water pressure that will help loosen tight muscles and massage sore joints.


    Brands This Part Is Used In the Maax Spas Line

    • Cal coop
    • Elite spa


    Material: Stainless/plastic
    Face Diameter: 3-3/8"
    Length: 3-5/8"