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    The Nora makes a statement in its unique design. The rich Antique Walnut finish works with any decor. The double arched cabinet, and rams horn legs sets this table apart. Made with solid wood legs, rails, and body, this table will stand up over time. Our Uni-Body construction eases the assembly and disassembly process. Double crossbeam construction supports the slate and adds stability even under the most aggressive play. The Nora features 1-inch backed K pattern slate, K66 cushion rubber for a true rebound, pearlized double diamond inlayed sites, leather drop pockets with diamond shield. The Nora makes a great addition to any home. Cloth not included with table; purchase your choice of style and color separately.
    • 8-ft. Billiard Table in antique walnut finish 
    • Leather drop pockets with diamond shield 
    • Pearlized double diamond inlayed sites 
    • 1-inch K pattern backed slate is supported by double crossbeam construction 
    • Solid wood double arched cabinet, rails, and legs with rams horn design 
    • K66 cushion rubber for accurate rebound 
    • Uni-Body construction eases the assembly 
    • Cloth not included; purchase your choice of style and color separately