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    The Imperial Oakland 8-foot billiard table is made of solid wood and veneers. The body and rails are solid Elm and the legs are solid wood with Elm veneer. The table is stained in a beautiful black finish with rails made of natural Elm. This table features leather internal drop pockets, K66 cushion rubber for true rebound, and 1-inch backed K pattern slate for true roll. Solid wood post legs with Elm veneer provide added stability. Add the look of elegance to your game room with the Oakland from Imperial. Cloth not included with the table; purchase your choice of style and color separately.
    • 8-ft.billiard table with 1-inch K pattern backed slate 
    • Solid wood body and legs 
    • Internal leather drop pockets 
    • K66 cushion rubber for true rebound 
    • Cloth not included; purchase your choice of style and color separately