C-4950 Filter Cartridge For Cal Spa

C-4950 Filter Cartridge For Cal Spa

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C-4950 - C-4950 Filter Cartridge (cal spa filter)

Use this replacement filter to replace your worn or damaged cartridge or as a back up to maximize the time between filter changes. Easy to install,  high quality 50 square foot filter media replacement cartridge that is made in the USA.

  • COMPATIBILITY: The C-4950 is an upgrade to 25 sq.ft. C 4326 and C 4625 cartridges
  • MATERIAL: Heavy-duty polyester is designed to last far longer than cheaper alternatives. Also features more pleats for improved filtering capacity
  • SIZE: Dimensions: 4.93 x 4.93 x 13.31 inches | Diameter (in): 4.93
  • MODEL: Model C-4950 hot tub and spa replacement filter cartridge with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

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