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    The Vital Energy Insulation System features eco-friendly recycled insulation. Made from recycled natural fiber, it is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. The insulation contains no chemical irritants, is treated with a boratebased solution to prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation, and acts as a fire retardant.

    Standard Features

    • 2 Aurora Cascade
    • Halo Pro-Loc™ Stainless Steel Jets
    • LED Interior Light
    • Excel-X™ (Simulated Wood)
    • Freeze Protection
    • Vital Energy Insulation
    • Perma-Shield™ Bottom
    • Premier Styled Cover
    • Aurora Beverage Coaster
    • Contoured Pillow


    • Champagne Air (10 air jets) Blower 1.5Hp, 1Sp
    • 24-Hour Circ Pump (220V only)
    • VitaTunes
    • CleanZone™


    Seating Capacity 5
    Dimensions 78.5" x 83"
    Depth 37"
    Water Capacity 331 gallons
    Weight (empty/full) 791 lbs / 3539 lbs
    Total Jets 39
    Pump 1 (North America N.A.) 2.5Hp/5.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
    Pump 2 N.A. 2.5Hp/5.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
    Voltage/Amps 240V/40A/60A

    Color Options

    Acrylic Shell Colors

    * Mystique is available in these acrylic color


    Made out of a high impact composite, Excel-X™ looks and feels like real natural wood. Excel-X is ecologically friendly, doesn’t weather or stain, and is virtually maintenance free. Doesn’t that make you feel better? Pecan Ridge, Resort Gray, and Modern Mocha available on 700 and 500 series.

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