Welcome to the world of Vita Spa, it’s much closer than you think. Only foot steps away, just outside your backdoor, your own personal spa. This is a place where serenity and peace reign. Your aching body will find restoration here, and healing waters will massage and renew your sore muscles. For over 30 years, Vita Spa has been synonymous with quality, comfort, and innovation. Your new Vita Spa has been created with an amazing array of features to provide you with Vitality for Life.

Standard Features

  • 2 Aurora Cascade
  • Halo Pro-Loc™ Stainless Steel Jets
  • LED Interior Light
  • Excel-X™ (Simulated Wood)
  • Freeze Protection
  • Vital Energy Insulation
  • Perma-Shield™ Bottom
  • Premier Styled Cover
  • Aurora Beverage Coaster
  • Contoured Pillow


  • Champagne Air (10 air jets) Blower 1.5Hp, 1Sp
  • 24-Hour Circ Pump (220V only)
  • VitaTunes
  • CleanZone™
  • CleanZone™ Ultra


Seating Capacity 6-7
Dimensions 91" x 91"
Depth 38"
Water Capacity 463 gallons
Weight (empty/full) 915 lbs / 4755 lbs
Total Jets 43
Pump 1 (North America N.A.) 2.5Hp/5.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
Pump 2 N.A. 2.5Hp/5.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
Voltage/Amps 240V/40A/60A


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Acrylic Shell Colors

  • Glacier Mountain

    Glacier Mountain

  • Silver Marble

    Silver Marble*

  • Smokey Mountain

    Smokey Mountain

  • Sahara


  • Gypsum


  • Tuscan Sun

    Tuscan Sun*

  • Midnight Canyon

    Midnight Canyon*

  • Storm Clouds

    Storm Clouds

* Mystique is available in these acrylic color


Made out of a high impact composite, Excel-X™ looks and feels like real natural wood. Excel-X is ecologically friendly, doesn’t weather or stain, and is virtually maintenance free. Doesn’t that make you feel better? Pecan Ridge, Resort Gray, and Modern Mocha available on 700 and 500 series.

  • Pecan Ridge

    Pecan Ridge

  • Resort Gray

    Resort Gray

  • Modern Mocha

    Modern Mocha

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