56960 - Slim Stainless Steel 10 Gallon Trash Drawer With Reveal (Coming February 2024)


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Improve your outdoor kitchen’s functionality and tidiness with the Bull Slim Pull-Out Stainless-Steel Trash Can Drawer, which includes a 10-gallon plastic trash can. This drawer, constructed from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel, offers a slim, space-efficient design. It ensures your outdoor kitchen stays clean by providing easy access to a trash receptacle beside your BBQ. The addition of this innovative trash drawer not only creates space for other kitchen components but also enhances the versatility of your outdoor culinary setup. Essential for any outdoor cooking enthusiast, the Bull Slim 10-gallon trash drawer combines convenience, elegance, and efficient waste management. Enhance your outdoor kitchen with this must-have accessory for a neat and organized grilling experience. (Available February 2024, Replaces Item #56941)


  • Encased Design
  • Includes 10 Gallon Plastic Trash Can
  • Slide-out design
  • Practical Addition to any Kitchen
  • Modern Reveal Design

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