Natural Chemistry Spa pH Decreaser™ 3.37lbs.

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    Spa pH Decreaser™



    • Lowers pH in spa and hot tub water
    • When pH is too high water becomes uncomfortable to bathers, sanitizers lose their efficiency and water may become cloudy

    Compatible With:

    All sanitizers

    Directions for use:

    Read the entire label before using.

    1. Test spa water for pH level.
    2. Compare pH test results to chart below to determine appropriate amount of product necessary to make adjustment.
    3. With the spa not in use and circulation pump operating, add required amount directly into spa water. Continue circulating water a minimum of 30 minutes.
    4. Retest, adjust if necessary.

    Dosage Chart
    All values are in dry weight

    Spa VolumepH 7.2-7.6pH 7.6-7.8pH7.8-8.0pH 8.0-8.4Above pH 8.4
    200gal not req. 0.5tsp 0.75tsp 1.5tsp 2 tsp
    400gal not req. 0.75tsp 1.5tsp 3 tsp 3.5tsp
    800gal not req. 1.5tsp 3 tsp 6 tsp 7 tsp

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