It includes the premium BULL Steer stainless steel 45,000 BTU gas grill and has a unique compact design to allow for bar seating and entertaining. 

    Standard Features

    • Steer BBQ Stainless Steel 3-Burner Grill 45,000 BTUs
    • 304, 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
    • Single Piece Dual Lined Hood
    • Piezo Igniters/Zinc Knobs
    • Solid Stainless Steel Grates
    • Heavy Duty Thermometer
    • Warming rack 160 Sq. In.
    • Built in trim kit
    • Cooking Surface 556 Sq. In.
    • Stucco base - Choice of Grey or Brown colors
    • 13"x13" Tile counter top
    • Stainless Steel Access Door with lock & key

    Turn A Bull Loose In Your Backyard

    There’s nothing that fires up a party like cooking outdoors. So charge full-steam ahead, Grillmasters. Turn your kitchen inside out with a super star Power Q Outdoor Kitchen.

    These kitchens have been specially designed for an easy DIY installment from a curb side delivery, and priced to include shipping and handling for a limited time only. A savings of $600!

    NOTE: Although this Kitchen is designed for a curb side delivery DIY installment, it can be delivered by a White Glove delivery and installment Service for an addition fee. Starting at $1200

    Curbside delivery means that the shipper will bring the package to your address, pull the truck up to the front of your house, load the package(s) onto the lift gate on the back of the truck, lower the lift, and push the package(s) onto the sidewalk in front of your house.

    Steer Grill Head

    The Bull Steer Liquid Propane Drop-in Grill Head is constructed with 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel. It features 3 Staginess Steel burners with a total of 30,000 BTU's. Included is a warming rack, Grease Tray, built-in trim kit and Zinc knobs, it has 564 square inches of cooking surface.

    Stainless Steel - Dual Lined Hood
    304 - 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Piece Hood
    Cast Stainless Steel Bar Burners
    304 Stainless Steel - Solid Cooking Grates
    ReliaBull Flame Tamers

    When you buy a grill, don’t you think you should be able to use the whole thing?

    At Carddine BBQs & Spas San Diego, we think so. That’s why, with the help of the engineering experts at California Polytechnic, we created the ReliaBULL technology.

    Typical Grills

    Typical grills feature unpredictable heating across the surface.

    ReliaBULL Technology

    ReliaBULL technology was created to eliminate uneven heating on your grill, making your outdoor grilling experience extraordinary.

    This new technology improves heat distribution on your grill by 50%. The ReliaBULL flame tamers create a more even grilling surface, eliminating hot and cold spots, so that you can use your entire grilling surface.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Bull is so confident in its fabulous lineup of premium outdoor grills that Lifetime Warranties* come standard on all fire boxes, cooking grates and on all cast stainless steel burners. With 9 durable grill heads to choose from, Bull has the perfect grill just for you.

    * Specific warranty details provided with each Bull product.

    EZ Outdoor Kitchen Installation Video

    This video will show you how easy it is to move and install your new Bull Outdoor Kitchen from a Drop Ship delivery service.

    Read Curbside Delivery Terms and Conditions

    Getting Ready for Your Outdoor Kitchen Curbside Delivery Terms of Condition

    1. Closely verify that all measurements and criteria are correct, as all sales are final.

    2. Please pre-determine the area where the outdoor kitchen is going to be placed before the kitchen arrives at your residence. You will need to install it on a fairly level solid surface large enough to accommodate the dimensions of the outdoor kitchen To install it you will need a Minimum clearance for acces of 36" wide & 6' high.

    3. Remove all debris, limiting and blocking access to or on the set-up location prior to delivery will help you when you do your installation (refer to video)

    4. When a barbecue island is purchased that is equipped with a refrigerator, you are responsible for the hook-up of the electrical connections. The Kitchen is not pre-wired.

    5. Check with local building departments for codes regarding proper hook-ups.

      • Liquid Propane Grills - Include a Hose, Regulator & connection for you to use with a standard 20lbs Propane Tank

      • Natural Gas Grills - A licensed plumber should handle your grill connection. A. A 3/8” female flare fitting is needed to connect to the barbecue; The should also include a shut-off valve as part of the installation (refer to Grill Owners Manual for detailed instructions)

      • Standard electrical needs: 110 volt, 20 AMP breaker.

    6. You, the purchaser, must be present at the time of the delivery.

    7. The Curbside delivery driver will only place the barbecue island at your curbside in front of the delivery location.

    8. The Curbside delivery driver will not move the barbecue island from the curbside or open the crate and remove any product.

    9. Please note all colors pertaining to rock, tile and grout may slightly vary due to subtle differences in product dye lots.

    10. Please allow up to 5-10 days for delivery.11.All delivery times will be set within a four-hour window.

    11. All delivery times will be set within a four-hour window.