Bull BBQ Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Oven Head

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The Bull Gas Fired Pizza oven offers the same great features of wood-fired ovens but with the added convenience of cooking with gas. Additionally, these units don't require the ash cleanup that is associated with their wood-fired counterparts.

Standard Features

  • Proudly made in Italy with European parts for authentic quality
  • Fully operational in approximately fifteen minutes of preheating
  • Solid-weld dome construction using 2.5 millimeter of 441 stainless steel reinforced with a 5-millimeter Corten steel panel in the cooking chamber.
  • Our unique cooking chamber, domed front-to-back and side-to-side, eliminates hot spots and ensures uniform heat distribution.
  • Slide-out handles and caster wheels allow mobility and precise placement
  • Painted exterior surfaces are electro-galvanized before powder-coating, providing superb protection against corrosion.
  • Maximum temperature rating of 900°F / 482.2°C; the highest on the market. Food Grade Cooking Stones
  • 20 hour fuel time at the max setting with a 20 lbs. Propane tank; can also be fueled using Natural Gas with the optional conversion kit.
  • Available as a cart unit for portability
  • 36,000 BTUs

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Turn A Bull Loose In Your Backyard

There’s nothing that fires up a party like cooking outdoors. So charge full-steam ahead, Grillmasters. Turn your kitchen inside out with a super star Pizza Oven.

Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

BullBBQ Pizza Oven

The modern pizza may have evolved in Naples, Italy in the 18th or early 19th century. However, the new modern pizza starts in your own backyard, with the Bull Pizza Oven line. View this collection of Pizza Oven videos to get started.

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